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Childcare voucher payments & WFTC

There are also several ways that you can get help with the cost of a week at Pied Piper:

Government Tax Free Childcare (TFC)

Pied Piper is registered for the new Government operated Tax Free Childcare (TFC) payments where the government will pay £2 for every £8 you pay Pied Piper. You will need to set up your own online Childcare account. For more details see here:

Childcare Vouchers

Pied Piper is a registered childcare provider and as such can receive payment in part or full by Childcare Vouchers. We are currently registered with:

Ref No: P20121962
(for Dulwich Prep, The Mead, Brambletye, Cumnor House,  Farlington School and Great Walstead)

Ref No: P21230829
(for Brighton & Hove camps, Burgess Hill, Great Ballard, Windlesham House and St Andrews)

Ref No: 0008008824

Ref No: 12475025
(for Dulwich Prep, The Mead, Brambletye, Cumnor House, Farlington School and Great Walstead)

Ref No: 38805978
(for Brighton & Hove camps, Windlesham House, Burgess Hill, Great Ballard and St Andrews)

Ref No: Pied0306

Ref No: 155881

Ref No: 85007778

Ref No: 00001918

Ref No: PI1082

We are also registered with these providers…

Allsave, Fideliti, Apple Childcare Vouchers, RG Childcare, My Family Care Vouchers Ltd, KiddiVouchers and Rascals. We can easily register with any other operators.

OFSTED registration

Pied Piper is registered as a childcare provider with OFSTED and our OFSTED registration numbers can be found on each of the location pages.

All bookings are made via the online booking system selecting ‘Childcare Vouchers’ as the payment option. The Childcare Voucher payment will then have to be made separately using the Childcare Vouchers Operator’s systems, or the Government Gateway system.

Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC)

Pied Piper is an OFSTED registered childcare provider and by booking your child(ren) on to a Pied Piper camp you could be eligible to receive working Families Tax Credit.

Credits of up to 80% of childcare costs up to a maximum of £175.00 for one child and £300.00 for two or more children.

If you think you may be entitled to WFTC but are not yet claiming, please visit where there is an on-line calculator so you can see what you could receive or call 0845 3003900

“Henry has had a wonderful time. I don’t know exactly what he has been doing as he is too tired to speak!”

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